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Turnkey landscaping offered by the Siberian Forest

An attractive and well-groomed garden is a long and painstaking work. But the house construction does not look complete as long as the area next to it is untendent. Trees, plants, lawn, flowers, small architectural forms, garden structures – all this creates a place where you can take a break from the city noise and worries.

We build wooden houses in Kasan and other regions, not putting ourselves under limit only to construction, our goal is to hand over a finished house to the clients so that they can move in without burdening themselves with further work, e.g. landscape design.

ландшафтный дизайн частного дома

What does landscape design include?

Our company develops landscape design projects, the crucial principle of which is harmony between nature, house and the surrounding area. It creates the unity of the house and the plot, making them look as a whole, complementing one another and emphasizing the unique details of the landscape and architecture.

We develop a project that includes::

  • zoning on the site master plan drawing
  • plan of trees and plants planting
  • drainage and lighting systems project
  • offer of small architectural forms and garden structures.

The project is developed according to the clients’ preferences, with an emphasis on their basic demands.

What does landscape design include?

  • Carrying out geological surveys to know all the area features.
  • Zoning the space taking into account the clients’ wishes.
  • Garden path making.
  • Working with site lighting.
  • Garden houses, benches, arches and pergolas installation.
  • Arranging children's and sports grounds.
  • Sculptures and flowerpots installation.

The result of the landscaping work is a well-groomed, well-thought-out area with plants that combine beauty and local climate resistance.

Why is it a good idea to choose us?

  • We create harmony taking into account the picturesque view, house architecture and site features.
  • We know how to turn a complex site into a unique one, showing its strengths.
  • We practice the author's approach to project development.
  • We track fashion trends in landscape design.
  • We are fond of what we do!


Our guiding principle is to complete transparency of the process, mutual understanding with the client, and constructive dialogue. We try to find solutions for the most difficult problems. We work in compliance with technological requirements, but at the same time, we are ready to find an original solution for any task.


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