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Dreaming of your own wooden house? We make dreams come true!

The construction company "Siberian Forest" specializes in turn-key wooden house construction. Our houses are not consumption goods, but unique constructions in the making of which the manual labor of highly skilled craftsmen is used.

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What we build

Glued laminated timber house

Glued laminated timber houses are a combination of traditional material and innovative processing. Using the technology of gluing lamellas under pressure, houses made of glulam do not take time to house settling. Besides, the risk of cracks and biological damage is significantly reduced.
A housewarming party can be celebrated in a new house just a few months after the start of its construction.

Profiled timber house

Houses made of profiled timber are an exact fit of all elements, a tight fit of structures, a reliable connection in the corners, and an attractive appearance. With ready-made timber blanks, it is possible to build a house in a couple of months. Besides, careful processing of the material provides an opportunity to save on interior finishing: walls look impressive even without additional decor.

Handcrafted log houses

Handcrafted log houses are the pinnacle of carpenter craftsmanship. All log handling processes are carried out manually. Handcrafted log houses are real long-livers, they can stand without repair for more than a hundred years. The key element is the material of good quality and highly experienced craftsmen.

Post&Beam houses

Post&Beam houses are frame houses, the base of which consists of solid wood of perfect quality. The processing of such frames is carried out manually, the logs are carefully released from the bark, preserving all the natural texture nuances. The result is real castles leaping off the pages of a fairytale.

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You can pick a ready-made project, modify it, or commission our architects to create your own unique project. We have already implemented many projects, which can be viewed on the Projects page.

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Dreaming of your own wooden house? Call us to get a cost calculation for the selected project.

Our guiding principle is to complete transparency of the process, mutual understanding with the client, and constructive dialogue. We try to find solutions for the most difficult problems. We work in compliance with technological requirements, but at the same time, we are ready to find an original solution for any task.


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