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Welcome to the “Siberian Forest” company

We became a team in 2001, it was then that we united in the current composition and built our first house. During the time our team exists, we have gained unique experience in construction, honed our skills, mastered new technologies, and tried out non-standard solutions. Also, we have made sure that there are no unsolvable problems but a reluctance to solve them.

Wooden houses require a special approach, many factors affect their lifespan: the wood choice, its storage, processing, construction technologies, craftsmen professionalism. Another advantage is a well-thought-out and time-tested project to the benefit of a solid wooden house where it is comfortable to live for many years.

О компании Сибирский Лес
О компании Сибирский Лес

The company has united highly qualified specialists in the construction field: architects, design engineers, carpenters, designers, builders. All of them believe that discipline and conscientious work combined with skill and experience ensure the successful project implementation which is the construction of an attractive solid house that will serve its owners for decades. Our craftsmen master the manual felling techniques in the Norwegian, Canadian and Russian styles. They implement complex structural elements: “Tyrolean lock”, “Dovetail”, domed roofs.

Proofs of our company’s activities are completed projects, which are posted on the website. You can take a look at the photos on the Completed projects page.

строительные компании деревянных домов

Our work experience – 18 years

Our specialization is turnkey wooden house construction. What is “turnkey”? It is realization of the client’s dream – from the references and the first sketch to the finished house with interior finishing and a well-groomed plot with landscaping. We do not pursuit of cheapness, our primary goal is to build an attractive comfortable house and fulfill the client’s dream.

We are not chasing quantity – we work with several projects at a time. We do not hire external contractors, as a result, every stage is under our control. All of the above allows us to give our houses a guarantee for both 10 and 15 years. We are sure that there will be no problems arose.

Our guiding principle: complete transparency of the process, mutual understanding with the client, and constructive dialogue. We always try to find solutions for the most difficult problems. We work in compliance with technological requirements, but at the same time, we are ready to find an original solution for any complicated task.


Twenty years of experience, our own professional team, well-thought-out projects and our own resources ensure the construction process organization at the highest level.


We specialize in wooden house building: we work with glued and profiled timber, use hand-cut logs. Our houses made of Siberian cedar, larch and Angara pine will stand for more than a hundred years – we are sure of this! больше


We are not chasing after quantity and cheapness. Our crucial goal is to build a house that combines beauty and excellent quality. We build a house, taking care of the health and comfort of its future residents. Each of our projects is completely unique.


The company strictly keeps up all traditions, but at the same time uses advanced construction technologies and materials. As a result, we get a modern comfortable wooden house where every corner is thought out.


Our houses are turnkey houses. We carry out each stage by our own forces, this gives us an opportunity to keep every single detail under control and be responsible for quality. We do not engage contractors.отвечать


The home warranty can be up to 10-15 years. We are sure that the houses we build are strong and have a great lifespan. We have been working in the construction field for 20 years and are going to continue. Our guarantee is not fiction – we are going to stay in this business for a long time.

Wood construction technology

Wood construction technologies have many details that only specialists know about. The technology choice does not affect the layout, but a well-chosen foundation and construction features are still necessary. We help our clients choose the technology for the wooden house construction and build it according to a unique individual project. Перейти в каталог

  • A solid, and most importantly, very comfortable house is recommended to be built only from time-tested and high-quality building materials.
  • The complex choice of wood construction technologies consists largely of the durability of the future structure.
  • Construction of wooden houses is a rather complex and multifaceted process.

Our Certifications

Our building materials:

Glued laminated timber

Дома из клееного бруса цена

A cutting-edge material that does not change its shape during construction, does not crack and has increased strength due to special gluing. Besides, it has a high quality of front surfaces, minimal shrinkage, and can significantly reduce construction time.

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Profiled timber

Дома из профилированного бруса

It is made on special high-precision equipment due to which the flawless lines and correct dimensions are achieved. It is an environmentally friendly material that allows you to maintain the humidity and oxygen balance in the house which, in its turn, creates a favorable indoor microclimate.

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Handcrafted log houses

Рубленые дома ручной работы

Handcrafted logs. With this processing, only the top layer of bark is removed. The tree retains its protective properties and remains resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Manual felling technologies: Post&Beam, Norwegian felling, Canadian bowl, Russian bowl.

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Our guiding principle is to complete transparency of the process, mutual understanding with the client, and constructive dialogue. We try to find solutions for the most difficult problems. We work in compliance with technological requirements, but at the same time, we are ready to find an original solution for any task.


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