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Interior finishing

Interior finishing of a wooden house

Interior finishing is the most pleasant stage for the client. It is important to complete it, taking into account all the family demands.

Interior finishing for a wooden house is cheaper than for a brick or concrete building.

The starting point of the interior finishing depends on the material from which the house is built. E.g., for handcrafted log houses, time is needed to shrink. Houses made of glued laminated timber can be finished almost immediately after the roof construction is over.

We work only with reliable suppliers and use modern high quality materials for interior finishing.

There are designers in our company who can develop a design project for you, taking into account your preferences and demands.

All work is carried out strictly according to the estimate.

ландшафтный дизайн частного дома

What is included in the interior finishing?

ландшафтный дизайн частного дома
  • Subfloor installation with heat insulation and soundproofing works. We use bulk, roll and insulating materials that are the best in their price segment.
  • House walls. Antiseptic impregnation is carried out, walls are decorated with impregnation, paint, varnish.
  • Ceiling. We install suspended structures, decorate with barn board, and use decorative beams.

We present a guarantee for each working stage. Each stage is carried out according to the terms specified in the contract. The perfect quality of the interior finishing is our crown jewel.

We carry out finishing work on a turnkey basis, our designers are aware of current trends and materials. Immediately after finishing of this stage, clients can move to their new house.

This is what we call the turnkey construction of a wooden house!

Entrust your interior finishing to us!

Our designers know how to create such interiors that look spectacular not only in photos, but also have the right ergonomics. You will live in comfort in houses with our layout, because we take into account each single detail of your dailylife. Our company try to harmoniously combine wood with modern design trends.

You can get all the details by calling us by phone or leaving a request on the website.


Our guiding principle is to complete transparency of the process, mutual understanding with the client, and constructive dialogue. We try to find solutions for the most difficult problems. We work in compliance with technological requirements, but at the same time, we are ready to find an original solution for any task.


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